Friday, November 14, 2014

TEA in the News: CMS to Accept Resignation from Heath Morrison onThursday

Kenny Colbert, President of TEA,  was recently interviewed for Time Warner Cable News feature, "CMS to Accept Resignation From Heath Morrison on Thursday":
It's a big public relations nightmare for CMS," said Kenny Colbert, who works at The Employers Association.
Colbert consults businesses on human resources issues and he says it appears CMS may have a big HR problem with Morrison.
"So if it is related to his communication abilities, to his management style, I'm sure there were multiple complaints," said Colbert. 
The investigation into Morrison's resignation is closed to the public, and district leaders won't comment just yet. 
"We are are not in a position to answer questions," said Ann Clark, interim Superintendent for CMS on Wednesday. 
Colbert says keeping everything confidential is normal when dealing with a major transition of leadership, but he says since Morrison is the leader of not only thousands of employees but also the education of children, his private details may need to come out soon. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coffee with Kenny: Notice Periods and Forfeiture Policies

Coffee with Kenny is an ongoing video series from TEA President, Kenny Colbert. He discusses news, trends, legislative updates or just his thoughts on current events and their impact on the human resources profession. Please visit our YouTube channel to view previous videos.

You have an employee who has given their notice.  In most cases, you want an employee to work a two or three week notice period, but what do you do when you want to decline his offer to work a notice period?  Kenny will discuss this sensitive topic and more in this episode of Coffee with Kenny.
Think about it. 

For a transcript of the above videoclick here.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

TEA IN THE NEWS: Bank of America Tells More Workers to Come Into the Office

Kenny Colbert, President of TEA,  was interviewed for the Rock Hill Herald article, "Bank of America tells more workers to come into the office":
Kenny Colbert, president of The Employers Association, a human resources consulting company headquartered in Charlotte, said the percentage of companies offering some form of telecommuting has been stagnant in recent years.
A survey his firm helped conduct earlier this year found roughly 40 percent of employers in North Carolina allowed telecommuting. The report was based on responses of 384 companies of various sizes. Roughly half were in the Charlotte region.
Colbert said the percentage has been flat in part as some employers find certain jobs cannot be done outside of the workplace. Also, he said, employers have to determine whether offering telecommuting will increase or decrease productivity.
“You have to take a hard look at your workforce,” he said. “Are they more productive at home or are they more productive at work? When you are telecommuting, you sometimes lose the team spirit. You don’t have somebody in the next cubicle to bounce an idea off of.”